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Our Staff

We are a Family Owned Daycare Facility and we are happy to introduce our professional educators who are fully dedicated to deliver the best services to your children. Our professional skills and experience are always directed to achieve the best results.
Inga Tomita

Child education is one of the most important elements which stays in base of the whole children's development process. 


I do my best to keep myself aware of the latest researches in the field attending different specialized educational classes. 

Being a certified Childcare Provider is a huge responsibility for me which I take very seriously. 

And finally, I am a mother of 2, who was always concentrated on their educational process. I am really glad to share my love, experience and skills with your children. 

Larisa Princu

Having a pedagogical background and a long time experience working with children gave me some very important skills which I gladly use in my work. 

I really love working with children and I am really happy to see how the kids I am teaching succeed. 

My priority is to make children love reading and learn with help of  interesting and fun activities me and my team implement. 

Teaching and taking care of your kids make me a part of your family and them as a part of mine. 

Outsourced Teachers

We are also glad to have some special activities and classes such as Music/Dance, Russian Language, Art and other by outsourcing some really professional and experienced specialists. 

We are trying to keep your kids occupied by learning and having really fun activities here. 

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